Posted: July 12, 2011 in NZ Post Disney & France

I arrived home in Dunedin last night around 5.50pm – a lot later than scheduled, thanks to yet another late flight in a string of late flights. Supposedly leaving LA on the 9th of July at 11.40pm I said goodbye to Jon and to warm weather, then I was told my flight would be a half hour later than scheduled. So I waited around, hopped on a plane and finally the day from hell began.
Completely skipping the 10th of July, I flew into the future (how often does one get to say that?) and landed in Auckland at around 8am on the 11th of July after a short argument with the man in front of me who insisted on shoving his seat back into my knees, two movies, one really strange british TV show and a small amount of sleep. From there I took another plane to Christchurch at midday, waited around a bit more, then a bit more, then got delayed again.. and again.. and again.. until finally I hopped the third plane of the day and arrived home in Dunedin.

Suffice to say I’ve had enough of planes for quite some time.

But, the main point of the above is to say.. well.. after 1 year, 5 months and 22 days, I’m back in Dunedin.


And I won’t hesitate to say that it’s kinda weird being back, but also pretty good.


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