Mamma Mia, Meat Pies and Museums

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

So, this is going to be three days condensed into one – the 30th of June, and the 1st and 2nd of July – so it could get a little messy at points. I’m going to try my best to keep it simple, though.. promise!!

30th of June
My second full day in New York and Sam has to work. Hmm. Ok, I’ll figure things out and wander a little – that should keep me occupied until she’s free again, right? Yeah, for the most part. Sam’s workplace is near Rockefeller centre, so although I stayed around that area I think I managed to get a good feel for the area and New York in general. Although just as busy as i’d been forewarned, the reputation of angry and pushy New Yorkers seemed for the most part to be false. Most people seemed to be rushed in the morning (and in desperate need of coffee) whilst around lunchtime they all appeared en masse from their office buildings to smoke, eat and breathe non air conditioned air for a while.
Upon returning to Sam’s work after my lunch of Five Guys I was treated to a private show of the fire safety demonstration that she does – an abbreviated version, but still, it was pretty interesting. I can see how it would be useful for small children, in any case. We returned to the apartment for a while then headed across the road and grabbed a slice of pizza for dinner. Fairly relaxed day, just getting used to the timezone once more.

1st of July
Now we’re getting intense. Today was a long, long day but filled with fun. It began pretty early when we headed out the door for breakfast and Broadway tickets. We succeeded in getting both, although Sam’s first foray with the former (breakfast) was thrown in the bin. Eventually we got everything right and ended up with $33 tickets to Mamma Mia, which we were both amazingly excited about.
From there we headed to the bus stop and whiled away the time we had on our hands looking around Dwayne Reade as we used to do while we worked at Disney (except of course it was Target then). Soon enough it was time to head across the street and meet the third member of our group – my flatmate from New Zealand, Dakota!! It was incredibly good seeing her again.

Anyway, our next stop now that everyone was assembled, was South Ferry Terminal and the super massive long to get on said ferry. It wound its way through Battery Park, moving pretty quickly thank goodness, but to look upon it at the beginning was pretty bad. About 45 minutes after installing ourselves in the queue we found ourselves heading through security, and then being herded onto the boat with hundreds of other people. Squashed onto the vessel we made our way first to the Statue of Liberty (where we didn’t disembark, but I took photos – will add them to the blog at a later date!) and then, finally, to Ellis Island, which I’ve wanted to see for quite some time.
It was just as interesting as I’d hoped it would be, and we managed to get all three floors in before we headed back to the mainland. I was really impressed by the exhibits and really loved the pictures of Ellis Island between its abandonment following the departure of the immigrants/invalids and the time the State decided to do it up and make it into a museum.
The ferry ride back was calm, giving us time to collect our thoughts and for me to take a few more photos of Manhattan, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Eventually we were back on dry land, and from there we headed to Chelsea Market – a mall that Dakota spoke highly of. We furnished ourselves with extremely rich hot chocolates and sat down, giving out great sighs of relief. We’d done a lot more walking than we realised!
The last stage of the day was our Broadway show, and it was simply amazing. Although my first venture into musicals did not go well (Cats), I really loved this one. Mamma Mia was simply superb; the actors/actresses were top notch, and I loved the music. Definitely recommend it to anyone in New York!!

2nd of July
Phew. Today was another long day, but this one was mostly spent indoors as opposed to on the deck of a boat. Our first stop, after a very strange encounter with a New Zealand woman who wouldn’t believe I was from New Zealand on the subway, was the Museum of Natural History. We checked out the planetarium first, I took a short nap watching stars and listening to Whoopi Goldberg, then we checked out our weight on the moon and various other places in space.
Over the next couple of hours or so we managed to see dinosaur bones, their Pacific Peoples exhibits, the ‘dum dum’ statue from Night at the Museum, and quite a few stuffed animals. Feeling sufficiently stuffed full of culture, we headed across the road and into Central Park. It was intensely hot outside, and we tried to stick to the shade, but I’m pretty sure my scalp consists of tens of layers of sunburn right now. Anyway, in the park we visited Belvedere Castle (really great place for photos), the Boathouse and the fountain where they shot scenes from Enchanted.
Realising  just how far we’d walked we took a breather at Sam’s place, then headed out once more to Chelsea Market, where there was a shop that sold meat pies – owned by an Australian, apparently – called ‘The Tuck Shop’. We both tried the Mince Pie (‘Traditional Beef’), but to be honest.. it was pretty bad. The pastry was off, and the mince was over spiced. Sam ended up getting a second dinner because she only had two bites, and I was disappointed in my first pie in a year and a half.
Which leaves us at the present point in time. I’m back in Sam’s apartment, sitting here and writing this up after we watched multiple episodes of The Voice and were treated to a pre-4th of July firework extravaganza lit by some idiot in the middle of the street below Sam’s apartment building, which exploded right outside our window. It was pretty interesting!

Anyway, I think I’m sufficiently up to date with New York now. Having a really good time, glad to be spending it with the bestie, but definitely looking forward to seeing the boyfriend in a couple of days time!


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