First Leg of the Voyage Home

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Paris

Today I moved out of my apartment in Saint-Cloud – it felt so strange seeing it all empty again! As the lady who inspected it said, it was like I’d never even been there. I know it’s a little selfish, but I like to know I’ve left my mark on things or people.. apparently not this time!!

So, I crossed Paris in 40 degree celsius weather, wearing a massive backpack, a bag over my shoulder, carrying a plastic bag with food in it for tonight/tomorrow and pulling my roll on bag. It was.. an interesting experience. Especially considering the bus to the airport was super late and I had to stand out in the sun with all that on, then when I finally got on the bus it took us somewhere around 1.75hrs to get to the airport instead of the normal 1hr because of traffic. Gah.
I finally got to the airport and checked into my hotel, then went across to Terminal 2 and brought the bag I’d left there to my hotel in Terminal 3.. then it was time to head back into Paris and go to my University for some paperwork.. oh joy!!

When I got to Nanterre there was a massive line of people waiting for someone at the International Office. I managed to waylay some poor lady and plead with her to help me out as I was leaving the country tomorrow. When I finally got in to see someone it turned out anybody who could help me was either out of the office or sick. Uh oh.
The lady I was talking with (read: pleading with) eventually ended up calling my exchange advisor, Julia, and she told her what to do, so the paperwork was copied etc and then I ran across the university to get my deposit back as the ‘finance’ office of the university was closing soon. Eesh. I made it just in time, then headed back across Paris.. only to encounter rush hour.
Everybody was heading back home from work, and apparently a lot of people live out by the airport, because for a good part of the journey I was crushed into a corner with people crushed in all around me sweating in the heat. Gosh. It was way more than 40C in that train car, and everybody just wanted to lie down and die. The cold shower I took when I got back to my hotel room was the best cold shower I’ve ever had in my life.

I’m finally relaxing and watching Hitman in french, which is an interesting experience. Tomorrow I take a plane to London, then another plane to NY where I arrive about 9.15pm and catch a shuttle to Sam’s place. I can’t wait – it’s going to be an Epic Holiday in NY! XD

  1. Helene says:

    very interesting last day in france 😉 tu mérites bien tes vacances a NYC !!! yeah !!!! tu vas trop aimer !!! profites bien !! j’espere te revoir bientôt en NZ et/ou à notre mariage ! gros bisous

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