Mayhem in the Med: Day 2, At Sea

Posted: June 18, 2011 in Mediterranean Cruise, Paris

The second day was a calm, cruise day spent at sea getting sunburnt. I did get up off my deck chair for a couple of things towards the end of the day, mostly once I realised that I was turning into a little lobster and if I wasn’t careful I would be red for the rest of the cruise.

The most interesting of the things I deigned to do were the Behind the Scenes talk by Michael Jung, who is Vice President of Theatrical Development with Walt Disney Imagineering, and the Art of the Theme Show Ship Tour. The former was a really interesting look at the process of developing rides for Walt Disney World, and Jung chose to illustrate this procedure by using Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as an example, which was really great because EE is one of my favourite rides in any of the parks. The Art of the Theme Show Ship Tour took us all around the Magic and highlighted some of the interesting facts that not many people know about this ship itself.
In addition to already knowing about the ship’s colours imitating Mickey Mouse from top to bottom, I learnt a little more about the lifeboats (Disney needed special permission to paint them yellow from the US Coast Guard, the official colour name is trademarked and called ‘Mickey Yellow’) and found out that the black on the bottom of the boat isn’t actually black, it’s a ‘deep dark navy blue’. Whilst on the drawing board for the ship, the creators decided that black was too depressing, and so they were searching for colours that would be close, but not black itself. Then, in walked a secretary wearing a pair of dark, navy blue pants!! The designers actually took this woman’s pants (the next day she brought them in) and used a swatch of the material for the colour of the boat – the colour itself is named after her.. it’s called ‘Monica Blue’!

I also took in a guest lecturer talking about Rome, and although he got in some interesting points and went over the main things to see in the city, it was kind of a lackluster performance in all. I think the highlight was when he was talking about a well endowed lady wearing an inappropriate top, whom his grandmother apparently would have described as ‘looking like her puddings had boiled over’.  I avoided him for the rest of the cruise, and quickly skipped channels on TV whenever his lectures were broadcast.

For lunch I indulged and ordered room service, as you only have to pay gratuities on the ship (and even that’s at your own discretion). I just adore having food brought to me, instead of traipsing up to the deck and back down. So I relaxed in my stateroom for a bit before getting dressed up for dinner. That night it was ‘Princes and Princesses’ themed, and it was formal attire for dinner – but of course I had to make it to the show first!! Twice Charmed was playing, and it was a twist on the normal Cinderella story that was quite refreshing!
Dinner was pretty good, although I can’t say I liked the menu as much as the first night. It was certainly harder to choose what I wanted to eat, and I ended up going with the default chicken breast, if I remember correctly.

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