From 30 to 90 in the blink of an eye.

Posted: June 4, 2011 in 30 Day Movie Challenge, 30 Day Photo Challenge, 30 Day Song Challenge, Paris

So, I was thinking a couple of nights ago – we all know that’s potentially bad for myself and the world, but I did it anyway – and I took a couple of minutes to contemplate this blog. It was meant, primarily, to be a catalogue of my life at Disneyworld, but now it’s turned into a series of 30 day challenges as, well, unfortunately I’m no longer working at Disney. I really wish I was, but nothing on Earth short of US citizenship at this point is going to change that.

So, it’s gone from Disney, to a mild contemplation of my dislike for Paris and it’s dog poop, to a series of 30 day challenges which has lead me here, 2 days out from the end of the third challenge, 4 days out from my departure for a 10 day Mediterranean Cruise (with Disney), 24 days out from my departure from France, and 37 days until I’m finally back home in Dunedin.

Now, the 30 day challenge came from something to do with Lent. Which is Catholic, which I have nothing to do with. Except having a lapsed Catholic as a boyfriend. And I’m not even sure on that lapsed bit – he might never have practised – but I do remember a conversation about baptism, and I lost on that one. I wasn’t even christened, so in terms of getting into heaven I’m kind of screwed on those two counts – but then again I never really believed that a couple of drops of water on my head, or a dunk in an oversized bath hidden under a church stage (that’s how it was at my last church) were going to save me. If anything, it’ll be Faith that saves me, and I’m not really sure where I stand on that – but it’s closer to believing than non-believing, so we’ll leave it at that.

In any case, I was thinking about the challenges. Now, for my part it was an attempt to actually kick start myself into doing actual blogs on this site. After all, that was why I set it up. For the most part, it’s worked, but it’s also made me confront things in a strange kind of way. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really like to take a stand on things (especially politics, things like the death penalty etc), but I’m surrounded by people who let me know what their opinion is – generally inadvertently, but they let me know. I like fence sitting – it gives me the chance to abstain in conversations where I feel uncomfortable or out of my depth, but it also allows me to look at both sides of the topic without too much bias – and I think I do it quite aptly.

What have I learnt most from this whole challenge thing, though? Well, I’ve learnt that I can make a decision and not really care about what other people think. Granted it’s only about movies, songs and photos, but I think I could get used to making decisions solely based on what I think and not what others around me think. It’s not that I operate under peer influence all the time, but I have in some major areas of my life, and I think maybe, just maybe, it’s time I struck out for myself. We’ll see how things go, huh?

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