Movies #22, #23 & #24

Posted: May 31, 2011 in 30 Day Movie Challenge

22 (29/05/2011) – Favourite Action movie

Oh man.. this one’s a hard one. Anyone who knows me knows that I watch (and love) a lot of Action movies. I grew up watching all the old ones with my Dad, so we’ve watched quite a few over the years and that only makes my selection harder..! I honestly don’t think I can narrow this choice down, so I’m going to go with my top 3.

1. Casino Royale (amaaaazing + Daniel Craig)
2. Judge Dredd/Demolition Man (gotta have a bit of Stallone in your life, but I can’t decide which of these two I like best!)
3. Top Gun (goes without saying, really..!)

23 (30/05/2011) – Favourite Documentary

Hmm.. I’m going to go with Restrepo on this one. It’s a documentary about American soldiers in Afghanistan, but it’s done really well. It’s all about them being in one of the hottest zones and building a new base, trying to get along with Afghanis etc.

24 (31/05/2011) – Favourite Animation

Easy – Howl’s Moving Castle!!

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