Movie #19

Posted: May 26, 2011 in 30 Day Movie Challenge

19 (26/05/2011) – Favourite movie based on a book/comic

Well.. this one’s a little difficult. I watch (and love) a LOT of movies based on books and comics. I’ve already used Aeon Flux, so that one’s out, and although I really love The Punisher (Tom Jane version) and Daredevil, also most of the X Men movies are pretty good.. but I think this time round I’m going to go with Thor, which has only been recently released in theatres. I’m not sure that it was worth seeing it in 3D (especially knowing how idiotic I look in those glasses), but it was definitely worth seeing. Oh, and if you see it, make sure you wait until the end of the credits for the extra bit!!

Oh, and Thor = pretty fine eye candy. Boys, you can definitely use that as a drawcard to get your girlfriends to accompany you to the movie if they don’t want to go.

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