Catch up time!

Posted: May 25, 2011 in 30 Day Movie Challenge

Alrighty, apologies to anybody who actually reads this, but I’ve just been through the most hellacious exam schedule I’ve ever had in my life! I had 5 exams in 3 days and I still have 1 to go next week on Monday. So it’s not exactly over yet, but I can stop and breathe for a while 🙂

I don’t think I’m going to put youtube links into this one because I’m really tired, but you never know.. if I feel particularly strongly about one of the below, you might get lucky!

14 (21/05/2011) – A movie that no one would expect you to love
– Knight and Day. Probably because it’s so weird and not many people like it, but I laughed my way through it and enjoyed the dynamics between Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. For a comedy/action it was pretty good!

15 (22/05/2011) – A character that you can relate to the most
– Gigi from He’s Just Not That Into You. I think every girl can relate to her, really. Most of us spend a lot of time searching for our Prince Charming, and then he just stumbles into your life one day when you least expect it. And no matter how long it takes or whether he’s riding a white stallion or sitting on a wheely desk chair or holding a lifeguard tube, you’re grateful that things finally seem to be working out 🙂

16 (23/05/2011) – A movie you used to love but now hate
– Well, I don’t think I have any movies that fall into the ‘hate’ category that I didn’t hate outright, but I kind of dislike My Neighbour Totoro now, and I remember absolutely loving it to pieces when I first saw it. Maybe it’s because it takes so long to get to any action and you have to watch subtitles the whole way through, but the charm is gone, and that’s a little bit sad to me.

17 (24/05/2011) – A Movie that disappointed you the most
– Prince of Persia. I remember getting my hopes sooooooo high for this movie, and when I went to see it with Jon and James, I was so disappointed. I’m pretty sure the three of us slagged the movie off the whole way through, and the rest of the people in the movie theatre might have been a little annoyed at our talking..!

18 (25/05/2011) – A movie you wish more people would see
– 2081. This is a short film set in a dystopian world and based on a Kurt Vonnegut short story. Now, I’ve never read the short story (mostly because after being forced to read Slaughterhouse 5 in High School I swore I’d never put myself through that kind of literary agony again), but I do really like the movie. It’s only about 40 minutes long, from memory, but it really does make you think, and the acting is well.. I’d say it’s top notch. Here’s the IMDB page if you want to look more into it yourselves.

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