Dissertation Proposal

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Dissertation

Today I sent in my dissertation proposal, and honestly I’m hoping for the best on this one. At this point I’m working my dissertation around cultural objections to Disneyland Paris. Hopefully this will be a topic that my supervisor approves, as it promises to be quite interesting and at least keep my from falling asleep over some horrible 16th Century book about weevils in France. Or something like that.

Anyway, I’ve figured out a tentative title for my dissertation:

Disney Lands in Paris: A Cultural Explanation for the Several Stages of the Acceptance of Disneyland Paris into French Society

I thought it was at least mildly inventive on my part. I’m also planning on having five different sections of the dissertation itself, each named after one of the areas found within the Disney parks.

Main St USA – Introduction
Adventure Land – Prior to the Grand Opening
Fantasy Land – Grand Opening through to 1995
Frontier Land – 1995 through to 2011
Tomorrow Land or Discovery Land? – 2011 Onwards and Conclusion

The last one’s a bit of a play on Disney itself, as generally that specific area of the park is called Tomorrowland and is all about the space aspect, but in Disneyland Paris it’s called Discoveryland and references Jules Verne type adventures with a classic spin on them as opposed to the attempted modernity of the other parks.

So, that’s a little taster as to what my dissertation will (hopefully) be on. Tell me what you think!

  1. oisinsgirl says:

    Sounds very interesting. Something I would read. Good luck with it!

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