Day Two

Posted: March 9, 2011 in 30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 02 (9/03/2011) – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

High School Friends

Back Row from Left to Right: Nadine, Ebony, Stephanie, Tash, Leyanna
Front Center: Jenny (who just happened to be in the photo, but wasn’t really a close friend)

The above picture is one taken a long, long time ago – or at least it certainly seems like a long, long time ago. Those were the days of KVC and the gang of friends who hung around outside the computer room, or down by the creek at lunch. We didn’t exactly dominate the school and we weren’t exactly the most popular, but we were friends (at most times, lol) and we were generally happy with our sort.

The person in this photo whom I’ve been the closest to for the longest is, of course, Natasha Anfield. We go waaaaayyy back, and I can always count on her for a smile and a funny word or two. The first time we met was at a Girl Guide camp when I was maybe 8 or 9. In the course of the night Tash wet her pyjamas because she didn’t want to use the hole in the ground and I, grudgingly, lent her a spare pair that my mother had no doubt made me pack ‘just in case’. Thanks Mum. Although we weren’t exactly the best of friends from this camp, it was still a beginning.
The second event that comes to mind was one of our school sports days on which I had to run the hurdles. This is the way I remember it, but correct me if I’m wrong, Tash. I ran in one of the heats before Tash, and knocked over a single hurdle in a line of maybe 5 or 6. Being the epic friend that she is, Tash noticed my crestfallen face when I came back and consoled me a bit before she took her place at the starting blocks for her heat. What followed is the most amazing, hilarious, true signs of a friend that I’ve ever really had. Tash got up to those hurdles, and systematically knocked every single one of them down so that I wouldn’t feel so bad about knocking one down. Epic.

Since that girl guide camp and those long ago high school days, we’re still friends. Although we might be thousands of miles apart, I know that if I need to talk or write she’s there – and I hope she thinks the same way about me. I really am blessed to have had Tash as a friend for so long, and I look forward to knowing her for many more years yet.

  1. oisinsgirl says:

    I think you had it about right! I am flattered! Looking forward to you coming back to NZ for a visit!

    • ebzindisney says:

      A visit? I plan on being in NZ for a while again before I head back out into the great unknown. You’ll have me for at least 6 months 🙂

      • oisinsgirl says:

        Yay! I deliberately chose the word visit because I don’t think that you will settle in Dunners all that long. You seem to be in the jet setting mood lately…(your whole life!)
        Hate to be corny but I am copying your photo blog…what can I say, it is a great idea! For this subject you were my choice too! Oh, and I got your postcard today! Wohoo. Thank you it was awesome to see your obsessively perfect handwriting again!

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