August Does Not Exist

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Disney

So, as the title says, August does not exist. At least, it seems to me that I might have somehow blinked and missed it in the blur of Disney days that have swung past me recently. I’ve been working a lot – 10 to 12 hour days at some points – and my free time is (happily) monopolised by the boy who’s currently sitting beside me, mesmerised by his Playstation and Jameson, his dog.

For future reference I include a small segue about Jameson, who is also known as Destructo. This name is in reference to the myriad of things that he’s eaten, destroyed or simply maimed in his quest for happiness. This happiness must be fairly elusive, as he’s currently chewing on a piece of dragon (Puff, or so I called him) who died valiantly despite his label saying that he was indestructible. Long story short.. Puff is dead, long live Puff. Jameson is a 10 month old Labrador crossed with a Terrier and he is, at the moment, slightly smelly. Normally this isn’t so, but it’s been a while since his last bath and he’s probably rolled in something unsavoury.

Anyway, enough about the dog, and back to my escapades which have been limited to Universal and the occasional Disney park. My Birthday, however, is fast approaching and I’m hoping to get out of the State (hurrah!) and possibly even out of the country.. we’ll see about that one, though. Up and coming is a trip to Cape Canaveral with the boy, which I’ll hopefully document before I actually leave the country for France. Given my track record with keeping this blog up to date, it could be a slight effort to do this.

So, in short, I spend most of my time trapped in a green striped bowling shirt and horrific black pants with no back pocket operating robots or putting pigs in machines/dressing velcro frogs/helping children put themselves into their own video game/being afraid of paper-making ovens/lying to get people into UL shows. It’s not a bad job, but the people I work with make it infinitely better and I’ll surely be sad to lose them come January. Especially my training buddy Jason who is an absolutely amazing person despite the fact that we spend a lot of the time berating one another and joking about how useless the other person is. All in good fun – promise!

I’ll update again when I’ve got something other than work to document, but for now..

Disney owns me and my lovely bowling shirt.

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