The Great Escape

Posted: July 8, 2010 in Disney

The mind boggles at how time passes in this place. Six months ago and I was just arriving (pretty much terrified by the fact that Disney ran everything and how I signed my life away) and now I’m halfway through my program (pretty much terrified by how much I still have left to do and how little time I have left to do it all).

Lately I’ve been pretty busy with stuff on this side of the ocean – friends (so many of them who’ve seemed to pop up out of nowhere and now mean the world to me), travel (yes, I finally made it out of Orlando) and fun (there’s tons of it to be had here) – as well as things on the other side, including my enrolment papers for University next year, half of which will be taking place in France, at the Universite Paris X Nanterre. It marks another step in my life, another degree and another set of opportunities and possibilities that will be opened to me, and (rightly so) I’m mildly scared of it. But hey, life goes on and I’m trying to concentrate on living in the moment here, so let’s get you all caught up and I’ll get on with my life.

I mentioned the group of friends that’s sprung from nowhere, and it’s only right that they have the honorary mention in this blog as they’ve made everything so much better (happier, crazier, intense, wonderful etc etc) for me. So, Jonathan (sunshine, cupcake, munchkin), James (the German, hon, babe) and Mario (we’ll find you a nickname, don’t you worry) – this one’s for you.

About a week back I finally made it out of Orlando. Yes, that’s right, the non-stop travelling person hadn’t even made it out of the city until a week ago. I’ll not excuse myself as my lack of travelling has been, quite frankly, inexcusable to the nth degree, but Jon and I finally made it past the city limits and headed to St Augustine, where we toured a real American fort (once occupied by the Spanish and the British), wasted $9 on seeing and drinking from the Fountain of Youth (which didn’t make me any younger, btw) and ate at Dairy Queen. We also climbed 219 (or was it 216? I forget) stairs to the top of the St Augustine Lighthouse and admired the view (and the wasps) from the top. I can’t say I’ll ever pay to get exercise that way again, but I can say I’ve done it once and that negates any reason there might be in the foreseeable future for me to do it again. Yes, I’m still as lazy as I ever was, and no, I don’t know how Jon convinced me to climb that lighthouse. You’ll have to ask him on that one.

It's a long way up. Trust me.

Following the St Augustine trip was a day’s outing to Tampa which commenced only after Jameson (Jon’s puppy) got his toenails clipped, as he was almost Jameson Scissorhands. Following his Pawdicure we acquired breakfast and coffee, dropped the pup off home and headed to Tampa. It was an unforgivably grey day with traffic coming out the wazoo but we pressed on to our final goal of the aquarium. For $19.95 it was a mild (read: incredible) disappointment, although we did get to see otters which was probably the highlight of that day. We skulked around a bit, went through various shops and then headed home via Taco Bell under the cover of the clouds.

Somewhere in between that was July the 4th, which I survived without alien interference. Although I was working on the actual 4th I managed to see some of the fireworks (very pretty) although not the Magic Kingdom ones. Maybe some other time on that count. I’m hoping to see the New Year’s Eve ones at MK, so that should make up for it.. if I can get time off!

I’ve also found out where I’ll be transferring to from my current placement as a Lifeguard as Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort. EPCOT will be welcoming me as a trainee on the Sum of All Thrills at Innoventions following my Discovery Day this Wednesday.

So, I think you’re all sufficiently caught up for the time being. I hope to come back to you with more adventures soon, but for now..

Disney owns me, but I finally got out of Orlando. Yes!!

  1. oisinsgirl says:

    Yo ebs, sounds like you are having fantastic fun. How much longer are you at Disney for? Glad you are enjoying getting out of Orlando!
    I probably wont be seeing ya for a very long time, don’t think that we will still be here when you come over! Good luck with Uni

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