Cabin Fever

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Disney

So, I’m a couple of weeks out from the 6 month mark (isn’t that terrifying?!), and I have only just realised that I’ve left Orlando a total of 0 times. Yes, that’s right, zero. Nought. Zilch. None. I could lie to you all and pretend that I’ve been savouring the delights of Orlando, but that would sound exactly like the hokey that it is.

In all reality it’s quite difficult to get time off from work, and when you do it’s often only one day, or maybe two at best, and because of the hours you’re hard pressed just to get washing done on a work day let alone get your shopping out of the road.

But enough moaning, I’m living just outside the Disney World limits, I get to watch fireworks while I’m working and tonight I’m going to watch the Spectromagic parade for the first and (possibly) last time. I really shouldn’t complain, but I would just love something other than Orlando, Disneyworld and Universal Studios to blog about. That and fat Americans, of course.

I’m hoping to find something in the coming month. Sorry for being so bland, guys 😦

Disney owns me, and the Mouse is very controlling.

  1. oisinsgirl says:

    lol Hokey!!! It is official you are now American/French/Scottish/Kiwi. A melting pot of people! You should be proud! Have fun getting out of Disney and exploring, but remember….the mouse is always watching!!!

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