Sunny Days on the Horizon

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Disney

The rain seems to have finally dissipated, and the sun has come out to play (along with a chilly wind most of the time, but that’s ok.. it’s the sun!!). I spent a wonderful day last week guarding at Typhoon in the rain, by the end of the day my clothes were absolutely soaked through and we’d had at the most 50 people in the entire park at any given time. Basically, we spent most of the day huddling under umbrellas – if we were lucky enough to have them on the stand – looking completely and utterly miserable, and wondering exactly how sick we would be getting the next day.

In any case, it looks like the rain has taken the back seat for a time being (thank goodness!), but it could come back at any time. Nobody told me that Florida would be this cantankerous, I was promised sun and heat and thus far.. the weather really hasn’t lived up to my expectations. I guess you really can’t have your cake and eat it too.. !

Anyway, I’ve gone through a bit of a change lately in terms of workplace – I’m now deployed at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club, primarily working at Stormaway bay, which is basically a little water park in itself. Everybody there’s been really nice, which is a bonus, and it’s only about a 2 minute walk to get to the break room from stand – awesome! It’s been great to get a new perspective on working as a lifeguard at one of the resorts, as it’s completely different from Typhoon. I’m wondering if I’d actually rather be at a resort than at a waterpark.. but then I remember how different they are, and that we actually get to walk around a bit (see: run, instead of walk) and there are heaps of people there, as opposed to the same 11 or so every time. Although, I have discovered that you get silly questions from guests anywhere you go. Examples:

– Where does the lazy river end? (NB: the Lazy river is a complete circle)
– Can I swim in there?
– I’m not a creeper or anything, but where do you live? (not stupid, per se, just really weird)
– Why aren’t you letting my son on this ride? (Son is right beside the measuring stick, literally towering over it)
– Is it really 8 ft deep? (after looking at the sign that says 8 ft deep water)
– Are they real sharks? (in the shark reef)

In my down time I’ve pretty much conquered all the parks, and I’m not going back to Animal Kingdom for a while, as I’ve had my fair share of animals for what very well could be this decade. Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom are my current favourites, although to be fair I should give Epcot a thorough going over before I actually set my mind on loving any one park above the others.

Disney owns me, and I’m no longer phased by that fact.

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