It’s Been A While..

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Disney

But everything’s going just swimmingly! And when I say swimmingly, I mean I’ve spent the last three days practically living in the swimming pool at Mickey’s Retreat (a recreation centre only open to Cast Members and their Family and Friends). This also means that my hair is unspeakably dry due to the chlorine, and my eyes are still bloodshot. Thank you Disney.

However, the upside of this whole charade is that now, after passing a CPR test (one, two, three.. thirty, breath one, breath two, one, two, three..), a group rescue test (whistle, point, stamp, compact jump) and a written test (circle A, circle C, circle D..) I am now..

An Ellis and Associates Licensed Walt Disney World Lifeguard!

Pretty cool, huh? I think it is.

So, after all that testing I signed my life away again (I’ve done this quite a bit since arriving in the States), and we finally, FINALLY, got to go home. I will be getting paid overtime for the extra half hour we stayed, so I shouldn’t really be complaining.. but meh.

I have a day off today, which I plan on spending in one of the parks (I’ve already done a quick tour of Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios in the few bits of down time I’ve managed to snatch here and there) and then tomorrow I start my OJT (On the Job Training)!

I’m flatting with two Australians (Jade and Nicola) and another Kiwi (Stacey) who I’ll refer to as J, N and S from here on in. We’re all getting on pretty well at the moment – as well as any four people thrown into an apartment without previously knowing one another can, that is!  The most important thing at the moment is that the fridge is big enough for the four of us! Or appears to be at the moment..! We don’t have a television, but I think we’ll be working on that one pretty soon. Watching TV shows on my laptop is getting a bit old, even though I have access to pretty much any TV show I could dream of now that I’m in America!!

Anyway, sorry this post was all over the show, just getting you all updated before I disappear into the oblivion of work once more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having fun.. it’s just a bit harder than I thought it would be! Then again, what’s life without a challenge or two?!

Disney owns me, and my life is chaos!

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