Getting the Ball Rolling

Posted: January 20, 2010 in Pre-Disney

Ok, so I know this first post is coming a little late, and for that I apologise. I think most of you will understand when I say I had a fair few things to do before I left.. and as per usual, I left them all until the very last minute!!

So, I’ve arrived at my Final Destination (for now) of Orlando, where I will be staying for a year. This post, however, isn’t to tell you about America so far. It’s more an explanation for those of you who are a bit out of the loop, which is more than likely my fault.

Let’s get this show on the road, then..

This whole thing started somewhere back in June, when I emailed STB Australia asking about their 6 month International Disney College programme. I thought, as any normal person would, that Walt Disney World seemed like the perfect getaway from life as I knew it and I guess I’ll test that theory in a couple of days and hopefully confirm it for you all!!

So, from that simple email many months ago, things evolved (as they’re wont to do) until I found myself at the American Consulate somewhere around the start of December, going through one of the many, many metal detectors that stood between me and DisneyWorld in Orlando, Florida. Until that moment things hadn’t really hit home, but for some reason, upon seeing that long, white room with its many bank teller-esque windows on the 4th or so floor of some random Auckland building, I realised that when I had that visa in my hand, I could buy my plane tickets. Then when I bought my plane tickets, it would only be a matter of waiting before I would have to do my bags (at the last minute, of course) and then,probably before I knew it, I would be off into The Unknown.

After a moment of silent freaking out whilst drinking boiling hot coffee (which I wasn’t allowed to take into the Consulate), I stepped on in and really began my journey to Disney.

Disney doesn’t own me yet, but it definitely owns Orlando!

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